Thursday, November 25, 2004

Stop Making Lists Rollingstone

At least when VH1 makes a greatest list we as an audience get to watch people make funny comments or make relevent side notes. Rollingstone just nails you with a endless text stream of absurdity. I mean man do their lists suck ass. I thought it was impossible to top the 100 guitarists list. I mean Kurt Cobain was top twenty and he cant play his own simple tunes. Jonny Ramone made an appearance and thats funny because it was in the same very magazine that i read about the fact that though the man could write some catchy riffs he couldnt even play without looking down so at concerts he had to take turns singing and playing. Of course, all these list makers always constrict criticism by using the word "greatest." Its not the best by any means, just the "greatest" whatever the fuck that means. Oh, it has to be popular and blah blah. Fuck that. Is it a good song or isnt it? Regardless this list is a freaking joke. I know the Beatles are one of the greats but that doesnt mean that we cant go ten songs on the list without hitting another one of their songs. And yeah they're good but give me a break "i want to hold your hand," "penny lane," and "all you need is love" sucked. Not overrated. Just flat out sucked. And who came up with this fuck the 90's mentality? Personally i think that the 90's shit all over any other decade. 22 songs out of 500. I mean thats just ridiculuous. And even the representation is typical hackneyed bullshit. "Smells like teen spirit" sucked. Sucked huge monster cock. Its not a good song and its not a great song. All you retards that convinced yourselves that Nirvana were some kind of super heroes and without them music would have perished into a hair metal abyss are morons. With all that said if the list just had those faults i wouldnt have cared. I would have considered it another joke like the guitarists list. So what if Tool isnt on it? That would be an insult to them. So like i said the list was deplorable but insignificant in my eyes. That was until i reached 180. 180 is where Rollingsone broke the camals back. Oh, yes. They sure did it. Hey Ya! A personal fuck you Gabor, fuck you up the ass! Hey Fucking Ya??!! Are you joking me? Out of all the wonderful Outkast songs you had to plague your list by putting the song by them on there that summerizes everything that went wrong with Outkast. Dear god. You make me sick Rollingstone. Fuck the Grammys. If Outkast split up and make another lame ass album like Love Below im blaming it on you Rollingstone.  "Often Andre sounds like he's trying to make an album that's more eccentric than he actually is -- and that's saying a lot." - Rollingstone. Fucking hypocrits. You sicken me.