Monday, September 12, 2005


This is what point The Simpsons are at. Yesterday I'm watching TV and announcements are made for the start of the new season. I think, well should I watch this or should I just watch the random football game I really don't care about? So I ultimately decide, yeah I think I am in the mood for something funny. A little humor at the end of the day would be nice. So I watched the game.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Surprise Surprise

Recently i saw a movie about Michael Jordans final days and championships. He's the greatest of all time, but thats not what most struck my eye. What caught my attention the most was a member in the audiance at the Bulls vs. Pacers final rooting for the Bulls in his usual seat thats so close to the court you can touch the players. Who? Our good friend Jack Nicholson, of course. So i guess you can be a Yankees fan since you are originally from New York and at the same time be a Lackers fan cuz you live in LA. I mean you can claim this. Not with dignity, but you can claim this. But then explain the Bulls fan thing when they won like 6 championships. Whats with that Jack? I don't see you at Bulls games anymore. Whys that? Not too good anymore. But you know what? I quit on Jack. Theres no point anymore. No one cares anymore about the smuck as his career takes a downward spiral. Anger Management. Somethings Got to Give. Good ones man. Keep up the good work and have fun at those Lackers games. I mean Pistons. My bad.

Whens Winter Break Allready?

Only 102 days before winter break. Then again i have to get my wisdom teeth taken out over winter break so there really isn't all that much to look forward to. I've allready seen the pre surgery video at the oral surgeon. You know the one I'm talking about. The one where they explain that if you keep your wisdom teeth then years from now much later in the future I don't much care about at present there can be hazards like cavaties and pressure. Dear god! Get them out imeadiatally. And the dangers of getting them out? You know. Minor stuff. Like death. Loss of taste and feeling of the mouth. Bacterial infection and what not. Quick then, take my 1,000 dollars. I do not want it. I can't wait for the bloating and prayers that something dire doesnt occur. Marry Christmas.