Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Speak

Every decade has had their mark on common language. Valley Girl talk. Ebonics. Bill and Ted style 80's lingo. Groovy hippie talk. It seems all our generation does is swear. Time to leave our mark. Here are a few words and phrases ive heard and or implemented that are practical and should be spread around the country.

tuck in your skirt(alice its time to hang with the big boys):

meaning: stop being such a pussy.
origin: SAC mens locker room.
use: - I don't feel like playing right now.
      - Tuck in your skirt alice, its time to hang with the big boys.

bonkers cock
meaning: cock but now its bonkers.
origin: asztalos family
use: This show sucks bonkers cock.

my pancreas hurts(said while holding your shoulder):

meaning: call someone a liar and a pussy at the same time
origin: SAC mens locker room
use: - I cant go on. My head hurts.
       -Yeah and so does my pancreas.
synonym: "my foots bleeding internally" ie i cant go on. why is your foot bleeding internally?

no you're a towel:

meaning: a way to stop an argument thats getting too serious.
origin: south park, first practical use unknown
use: - you're a fucking douche bag.
       -no you're a towel

bit of the ole':

meaning: preliminary phrase to any verb
origin: clockwork
use: -what are you guys up to
      - a bit the ol' verb


meaning: suffix used to turn verbs into direct objects for absolutely no reason.
origin: myself
use:  can you rake these leaves? = can i get some rakage over here?

bup a doo:

meaning: used while immitating someone to make fun of them.
origin: 502 grayson 2003-2004
use: hey, hey,  look at me, i'm blank, bup a doo

shit negro, thats all you had to say:

meaning: someone says exactaly what you wanted to hear.
origin: pulp fiction
use: - fine i'll transfer you the money
       - well shit negro, thats all you had to say.

does my garage have a sign that says dead nigger storage?:

meaning: use when someone asks you a favor.
origin: pulp fiction
use: - can you do something for me?
       - does my garage have a sign that says dead nigger storage?
warning: do not use in presence of african americans
synonym: "what the fuck is this? romper room?" ie can you do something for me? what the fuck is this? romper room?

gotcha bitch:

meaning: use when you win in a game
origin: juggernaught bitch
use: (after shooting someone in a video game) zap, gotcha bitch.

cunt shit ass bitch cock shlibidi boo bop:

meaning: swear phrase used to illustrate that you're definitly swearing
origin: eminem
use: - please dont swear around the children.
      -cunt shit ass bitch cock shlibidi boo bop

skeet skeet skeet:

meaning: to ejaculate, randomly put into conversation for no reason
origin: lil jon
use: - howd you do on that test?
       - skeet skeet skeet


meaning: to suck ass at something
use: nice job clement.
synonyms: scalabrini

dave mathews style:

meaning: to enjoy recieving golden showers.
origin: 502 grayson 2003-2004
use: yeah you know you like it dave mathew's style

reverse anorexia

meaning: fat ass
use: - i cant help it im slightly overweight.
       - yeah, damn that reverse anorexia.

Got more? Post a comment. Spread the word. If you say something and every time you do your parents say, "wait what?" then thats exactally what needs to be up here.