Sunday, October 1, 2006

War On TV

I've decided to make a new weekly entry for as long as it applies(hopefully not long). Basically we'll take a look at what this weeks War At Home had to offer. I doubt many viewers of the show read my journal but just in case there is one maybe that somehow this will open your eyes to the mistakes you've made and this will have a purpose. To everyone else not dumb enough to watch the show you are humorously reminded why not:

Premise: Larry(the nerdy one) is going out with Mike's(the one that loses $8,000 in one hand on online poker so is apparently a super high roller) old girlfriend.

Dad: Anyone want some fried rice.
Larry: No. No i don't want fried rice cuz I have a girlfriend that likes me so forget you Mike and forget the fried rice.
Mike: Maybe you would want some if i made out with it first.

So you get a better understanding of how bad that is...(i know that really doesnt make sense cuz 30 minutes of life is ten times funnier than war at home). Anyway we'll have a quote from another far superior show that i saw on tv that week and since its a better far superior show naturally its reruns cuz it has been cancelled to make room for shows like war at home. This week Malcolm in the Middle:

Premise: The kreloboynes(nerdy class) are going to a nerd competition with their crazy teacher Mr. Herkabe and they are on the bus.

Mr. Herkabe: An inside tip tells me that the science portion is leaning on mostly molecualr chemistry so open your books and we'll cover chapter 3,7,8, and 13 in that order.
Lloyd: My mom says I need to take a two hour nap on the bus so I don't get cranky.
Mr. Herkabe: Is that so? You want us to all sing you a nice lullaby too? Should I roll up my jacket to make you a pillow?
Llyod: No!...I brouught my own pillow thank you very much....I just need help inflating it.
Mr. Herkabe: Bus driver, open the door. Any of you want to chicken out go ahead. The door of cowardice is open.
(The bus driver starts to slow down)
Mr. Herkabe: I didnt say stop the bus. I said open the door.

Malcolm in the Middle was cancelled after last season. It was given an admirable 30 minute with commercials series finale while house's season finale was I believe a month long. War At Home is still on for some reason that I don't understand. Its terrible and offends the wrong groups i.e. "I'm sick of this Bahmitzva garbage. I'm gonna go upstairs, smack the "he" out of him and make a "brew." The laugh track went off the charts after that one. God I hate TV. When House starts up again this entry will get even more interesting. Until then...