Saturday, August 4, 2007

Belknap Rap

By popular demand  verse 1 of the official Belknap song soon to be recorded called "The Sun Always Shines Over Belknap." Look out for the single dropping soon:

Sun creepin through the blinds, it nine in the morning.
So no doubt, of course I be snoring
When Carmen Electra pop up in my dream.
Her shirts getting wet when I hear the phone scream.
The ringing just tear through the silence.
So I pick up and I say “What up. Hi Liz.”
You have to work for me. Please. You must kid.
What about you? “My nana spontaneously combusted.
So I hang up not knowing if that shit shouldnt be trusted.
But I’m broke as fuck so I work another day even though I just did.
Bounce out the bed like a freaking pogo.
Slap on the guard shorts, sporting the Swiss logo.
In the car I got Cool G kicking it old school.
Within ten minutes I’m pulling into the old pool.
The second my feet hit the ground.
My smile flips upside down.
The swagger in my step gone as well.
The moment I step up in that hell.
But the day is slow until Ron pays a visit.
I remembered my ear plugs today, but that don’t fix it.
Asks me if I ever been to Italy. I say “no.”
By the time he wraps I don’t even havta go.
Then the clock strikes noon and its like a fucking western town.
Everybody shows up all at once like something bout to go down.
So I look at J-Dog and mouth the word shit.
Give the boy some daps and then we do our daily split.
But hey, at least now I got some eye candy.
Cuz Nick’s older sis just rolled in, and man she looking dandy.
But then I hear that rattling of keys.
Jack’s swinging from the trees.
Then there’s the monkeys.
Picking their fleas.
No friends kid, a fucking disease.
And everyone wants a god damn popsicle, but nobody says please.
You see?
So by three, I’m contemplating suicide.
Dosty walks in and the mind drifts toward homicide.
Then Iraneli trounces in at four.
Her oldest with a stick of butter so she can grease up the door.
My eyes on the clock every second from then on after.
Nothing worse at 4:30 then the sound of laughter.
Trey and the troop cast a little light on my evening.
But the clock hits five and I’m bouncing off the ceiling.
Bragging to E Becks that he staying and I’m leavin.
The boner in my pants about to start creamin.
So another day of summer gone down the drain.
And Iknow it sounds insane.
But I really can’t complain.
Working anywhere else would simply be lame.
I just wish. Just once. It would fucking rain.